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tv   Newsline  PBS  March 21, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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watching them. i knew. lou we were with will the game welcome to the world is love and you know telling him to a kill. the fall out from russia's move to amex crimea continues to spread the eu and the united states have announced more sanctions against russia moscow has responded with that's all the leaders of the twenty eu member states. this cast of the annexation is issued in brussels today announced that wall for russian and ukrainian individuals who will be subject to travel bans and asset freezes. this raises the number of people
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subject to eu sanctions to thirty three. the eu leaders say they're canceling a june summit with russia while individual member states say they intend to call up by metal summits with the country the united states is also taking aim at russian individuals and corporations it's measures include freezing assets of the us held a twenty top businessmen and officials in clamping down on the activities of bankruptcy as the personal bank of many russian officials. us president barack obama says he signed an executive order penalizing key sectors of the russian economy may include financial services energy natural resources and the fence russian leaders have responded with retaliatory measures of their awesome babe and nine us bureaucrats and lawmakers from entering the country. officials in russia's foreign ministry said. they've repeatedly warned the us that the use of sanctions is a double and swore that will come back and
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hurt americans. people in the west may be critical of the russian president's stance on crimea. but in russia putin remains popular a new poll puts his support rate and above seventy five percent of the highest it's been in five years. the two day survey was conducted by the russian opinion research center last weekend. it took place as people in crimea were voting in a referendum on whether to become a part of russia. the poll targeted sixteen hundred people of the respondents about seventy six percent said they approve of putin's performance analysts with the government affiliated pollster said. its hardline stance on the annexation of crimea has pushed up is reading international search crews are scouring waters in the southern indian ocean but they still haven't located the wreckage from the missing malaysia airlines jet the search is being concentrated off the coast of
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south western australia the australian government says satellite images taken on sunday showed two large objects floating in the ocean one measured about twenty four meters long the other about five meters. australia and the united states had sent to patrol planes to waters. about twenty three hundred km southwest of perth on thursday and friday australian maritime safety officials say the visibility has improved and a cruise on board the planes are now searching for the objects initially but no the findings have been reported. search planes dropped marker buoys equipped with transmitters to collect current and when the day in the area were the objects were spotted officials say the objects could have been carried away by the currents. the data from the gooey school and it will be analyzed in efforts to relocate the pieces. we will move the search area according to where the winner has asthma and that's where
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the water has moved. i'm not the malaysian airlines plane was carried to under thirty nine people one of those calling for for bj not march eight. it disappeared from the air traffic control radar screens. the south china sea i i i i. the leaders of japan south korea have agreed to hold a summit meeting medication will be an international conference of the netherlands next week. to be joined by us president brock obama. it'll be the first formal talks between japanese prime minister shinzo bay and south korean president could then be able to go office more than a year ago. us officials propose the meeting to be held on the sidelines of the nuclear security summit in the day. the obama administration has been concerned about tensions between the two major asian allies. japanese officials agreed to the talks and after further consultations so did
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their south korean counterparts. last week of it made clear that he has no intention of revising a nineteen ninety three statement regarding the so called comfort women. in the state of japan's then chief cabinet secretary your cake will express apologies and remorse. kok has welcomed today's announcement japanese officials say north korea's nuclear development and the issue of nuclear nonproliferation will be on the agenda at the summit the cpi the administration hopes this will mark the start of better relations with south korea. thailand's prime minister who auction no one has suffered a setback the country's constitutional court has nullified the country's general elections held in february and ordered a fresh poll analysts warned the decision could prolong the country's political turmoil. the court ruled that the parliamentary elections in early february violated the constitution that says the poll must be held on the same day
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nationwide voting was canceled at nearly twenty percent of electoral districts including bangkok due to disruptions by anti government demonstrators protesters are still demanding what's resignation and say they will obstruct any new election. no date has been set for the new poll. it is also unclear whether the largest opposition democratic party which boycotted the peppery cole will take part japan the european union are calling on the united nations to take action against north korea and is responsible for human rights abuses in the country. mccaw came in response to a piece to show you when a report presented to the council on monday. an inquiry from north korea was guilty of widespread systematic abuses of human rights including abductions of foreign nationals and running political prison camps. the report says they constitute crimes against humanity under international
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law. japan and the use of knitted a draft resolution urging come in to abolish the prison camps and immediately returned all of the cheese. it asked the un security council to take steps to ensure north koreans responsible for the crimes are held accountable and calls for new sanctions against the individuals. us state department spokesperson expressed her country's support. what the supporting a strong human rights council in north korea iraq resolution that perceived actions that we've grown to four to be accountable for continuing and systematic violation of human rights the un human rights council plans to vote on the draft resolution next week the council has also adopted a report on china. it suggests more than two hundred and fifty ways in which the country could improve its human rights record. the recommendations range from attending the harassment and arbitrary detention of human rights
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activists to guaranteeing freedom of expression. he also called for the protection of the rights of ethnic minorities such as tibetans and readers the chinese delegate objected to the recommendations he denied there is any arbitrary detention or harassment in china and said the recommendations are contrary to the facts. the un council adopted a report on china and the jeans objection at the same time members and non governmental organizations criticized china's rights situation of comedic were repeatedly interrupted by a chinese representatives. now here's the weather forecast the runner runner who will
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that's a slight sour. things
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are the eye . she says. this prefecture is haunted. gold for splicing festival. this is a celebration of the new. ps water splashed on you. more good fortune you will in the coming year. seriously what a relief to the answer
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no to three days to seek his direction carried away by the excitement. i was tired the water splashing festival but she sometimes enjoy. good km southwest of united's provincial capital creamy. is the city of jeans. in she's some kind of guy and television presenter. this subtropical region has an average annual temperature twenty degree celsius and humid rainy climate the population of the prefecture is around million. most of whom belong to one of twelve ethnic minority groups. most numerous of these are the tiny ethnic make up thirty five percent of the population. this cd signs are written the script to the people as well as chinese
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characters. string cheese. it forms the upper reaches of meat on southeast asia's largest river. the city stretch one is packed language she means well. i mean thousand rice paddies reflecting the many tears at the heels of the region water splashing festival was a prayer for good harvest and protection from torture thirteen. this is the last to feature the traditional diet winter and the first day of the festival the festival last three games village is competing for christmas on the river and other events are held around the city
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mains water splashing comes on the final day. the parade is held in the city center ethnic groups original home was around she sometime. but overcoming the extended itself into two days time and miles as a result of the culture and customs so that i have much in common with those countries. the us chuck's of chili rice the only people in thailand which actually means water the people of the local word for water not only festivals whenever they want to express feelings of tool this is the traditional winter squash and water the festival grew from a
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ritual using the above quote or other point to sprinkle the first twelve hundred drawn in the new year the idea is to wash away his fortune from the coming year second day of the festival don't force the temple in chief. according to the continent are the first tee open water splashing festival is new years eve the second day is cold and empty it into third and final he welcomes the new year the nt day. beans are statistically in order to purge a need to comment from the previous year. very sullen buddhist rituals are performed. my friends are tied to the fingers of the buddha statue. these prints are stretched above the heads of monks and dangle from a pump for individual
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worshippers to grow. two chimneys blessing passes from the finger prints. it is recent ceremony which includes statues. we want to funnel aid flows down strokes into the instant you. it is people used to leave one or two who truly wants to stay there's no such. it's in pieces into position for a
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year free of misfortune thursday of the water splashing festival. darren minority ethnic groups see this as the first dawn of the new year for she somehow knocked the new non profits the climax of the festival and water will be splashed in earnest. i look forward to tuesday hold dear. everyone has to see these cars carrying buckets and wash basins the downtown colts plaza is part of the action anyone can take part in this class to tourists as well as locals. i'm new to the announcement is made they didn't. and to die
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the signal is given in one instance. she did it the secret. the more drenched proceeded to do more good fortune you received in the unit. the temperature is thirty three point one decrease. she continues until the song goes the near and dear to water splashing festival. people are listed from childers and tossed into the air. these are people like standing in the area. he was due to cancer requires them to make a donation the donation envelopes are placed in division two team to keep them from getting soaked. police did again and again until all the money he has on the news the solution
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is not going to be pleasant it takes place in rupert the three . the squamish each other. riding in taxis no protection. we are especially targeted. the city the most beautiful woman is more so she will be. or. the when you do. after all. splashing water and someone is considered to prevent their happiness. the it's good to
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be true. you can target of reducing such huge. into the water splashing festival it included marketing opportunity for companies. so these two teams of young women to do publicity. water splashing festivals in regions of india. it's pretty long with two days the mower and other places. is believed to ward off his porch in. the as quickly as people can fill their water containers the squash and would be scrambled to get more people find it anywhere they can. this monday the city of teen who consumes thirty eight thousand tonnes of water. the three day festival concludes with an ensuite and performance to
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continue to redistribute it chile chile continue to it the easiest farming season begins. each. wellspring of culture and tradition chuck you can meet you. i am tuesday the tenth. she can eat. here was an easy and
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clean natural and worked by human hands. do you see in the forms of history. and and mountains and mysterious italians. representative told a court steep mountains. most mountain retreat. according to legend that is exactly the kind of place it was then meditation was first test
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meaningless. it is the soaring peaks. pyrenees mountains. her story begin mt has granted try a bit like critical. cheney when cornered. lunch is down in torrents. greenspan used to
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it. ch ch. your cruise. and to the no ghosts or creed. a representation of the capital city. the re. the species on
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the creek or a mountain to the north east of kirkuk the real meaning of the three elements is not entirely clear. one possible exception. he moved to reassure critics. gold. could it be carrying passengers bound for cuba. thus it seems to be headed upstream the connection. the current eu. making. i i i you go into
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the arrangement. worthy first was held tonight. this cheery down a steep units thus cheeses your soul to the list. like every assuredly good chuckle. just one doesn't get any kind. ch ch gooders room which isn't mentioned to clinch the crown
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he comes to halt the kids to school. rico says. the rules below and here it is the new design. lillian passage the moon. alex gave her. she is. beaches to choose. good
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times. choose. peter the list. the sixties santos chief. denise. it
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seems. ch. she continued until tuesday. it all. i know. the i am. cells to release one determine for certain. call. goosebumps he's been able to supporting ones in children who go overseasor


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